The Open Construct Foundation



The OCF pledges:

To this end we encourage you to participate in a few online forums:

For general discussion, this CDK Gitter channel

For technical issues, report them on the AWS CDK Issues board.

For talk about the CDK Construct Catalog and publishing your constructs, there is this Gitter channel.

  • To build an ecosystem around the AWS CDK that benefits the users and the community members by making available code developed by and for the community with the explicit purpose to share among the public.

To this end we created the CDK Construct Catalog and encourage everyone to use and to contibute to it.

  • To build and develop best practices around the AWS CDK that benefit the users and the community.

To this end we created this blog to report on the activity in the CDK community for the community and encourage the community to contribute.

The OCF is an open community and we encourage contributions from everyone in the CDK community by opening Pull Requests for this site.